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Using his expertise and experience, ABK Lawyers documents and builds their customers' cases to obtain the best results

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Welcome to ABK - Lawyer & Law Firm Company

ABK Lawyers is a boutique law firm based in Burwood, NSW Australia. Our team consist of solicitors, migration agents and professionals who can assist you in finding a practical and cost effective solution with your legal problems
We understand seeking legal advice may be daunting, costly and frustrating. We respect the uniqueness of your circumstances and deliver our expertise utilizing the highest order of professionalism and integrity and personal care in dealing with your matter.

Our Strategy

Know your information

Keep yourself up-to-date on your area of law. Be aware of new developments, as laws and rules often change based on the situation and new cases are being decided every day.

Listen to our client

Never judge, just listen and advise. Even if your client has made a bad decision, which he or she will undoubtedly do at some point throughout the course of your representation.

Honest with the court

Being untruthful will get you nowhere and give you a reputation of dishonesty. Plus, your clients will not trust you, which does not translate into repeat business from clients.


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Our Legal Practice Area

We are a group of civil litigation/trial attorneys who focus on issues relating to property law, corporate law, commercial law, family law, criminal law, employment law, business law & wills, and estate law.


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    We believe that clients success determines our own

    Meet Our Attorneys

    We comprise a small team of solicitors and conveyancers, with the right experience and expertise. We are well equipped to provide you with prudent advice and services in our area of practice.

    Kushal Bhattarai
    Chiu Mei (‘Sam’) NG
    Bhawani Poudel
    Company Secretary & Finance Director
    Arjun KC
    Licensed Conveyancer
    Sachin Katuwal
    Licensed Conveyancer

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