Our Services

Our Services

ABK Lawyers provides its legal services to individual clients, as well as small to medium-sized enterprises. Our areas of practice include property law, family law, will and estate planning, criminal law and commercial litigation.




Probate and Letters of Administration


At ABK Lawyers, we are committed to provide you our profession services at competitive rates.

The Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) requires law practices to disclose their costs to their clients. We set out details about our professional fees and estimates in our cost agreement or an initial letter to you. Our cost agreement or the initial letter will tell you how much we will charge you and about other expenses before we start working on your matter. In addition to our professional fees, we also charge you for expenses incurred on your behalf, for example, conducting searches on your property transaction or barrister's fees or court fees

Solicitors are entitled to charge fees which are fair and reasonable. we calculate our costs either in hourly rate or fixed amount or hourly rate with a ceiling on the maximum amount. In some practice areas that we practice, fees are regulated by fee scales, for example, grant of probate and small claim divisions.

Even where you have a good case, we are required to explain to you that, in the event of the following circumstances arising, you may be liable to pay, in addition to your own costs, the cost of the defendant or other third parties:

  • Losing the case, or

  • agreeing to accept an amount less than your full claim, or

  • a court failing to award you your costs or a portion or,

  • the court awarding costs against you.