Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Business law is becoming increasingly complex today.

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to have a legal advisor with deep knowledge of all aspects of your business. Legal expertise can help you see challenges through a broader business lens, uncover opportunities, and confidently move ahead.

Providing legal support to clients at every stage of their business.

Commercial and corporate law in Australia can be confusing. Our goal is to help you reach your goals so you can focus on running your business.

Besides addressing the legal aspects of complex problems, we help clients resolve the emotional elements as well. To help you build a solution in the most efficient way possible, we bring together the right mix of ABK lawyers and consultants.

With a full-time team on hand, you can be assured that the issue can be addressed from all angles, resulting in better outcomes for your organisation.

Providing more than just legal services

Despite our technical expertise being at the core of what we do, our business’s global reach and market insight set us apart from traditional law firms to provide clients with an integrated service.

In addition to predicting how economic, regulatory, and political shifts will affect your business, we ensure you access the right legal expertise across ABK. As a result, you can access a team that can handle all aspects of the issue and produce better results for your business.

Legal expertise in corporate law

As an integral part of our legal engagement, project management of capital raising is of particular interest. To meet market demands and reduce overall legal fees, we utilise modern project management tools to ensure that decisions are made quickly and consistently. Here are a few of the services we offer in this area:

    • ASSOB Listing, due diligence, and share issues, as well as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and unlisted offerings
    • Acquisitions and divestitures – acquiring or disposing of businesses;
    • Corporate compliance;
    • Director responsibilities;
    • Designating an alternate director
    • Based on the Corporate Governance Framework;
    • Continuous disclosure requirements;
    • Transactions with related parties;
    • Employee share option plans;
    • due diligence on vendors; and
    • ASX listing compliance.

What sets us apart as corporate lawyers?

With our seamless integration of legal services across various commercial disciplines, such as transaction services, risk assurance, people and culture, strategy and consulting, and tax, we can provide you with comprehensive solutions.

We ensure a single point of contact, a transparent cost structure, and improved oversight and control through our efficient methods.