Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Awarded Criminal Lawyers in Australia

As market leaders in general, complex and international criminal law, we have been involved in some of Australia’s most significant cases for more than decades. Our criminal lawyers are considered the best in the Sydney area.

Our reputation in the field of domestic and local criminal law is defined by providing the highest quality legal services in every type of case for more than half a century, including leading cases in the High Court of Australia and the Court of Criminal Appeal.

We assist world-class financial institutions, including banks and hedge funds, subject to investigations and prosecutions related to white-collar and corporate crimes. 

Legal services related to criminal law

The duty lawyers offer clients advice about charges and their options, explain how the case can progress, and prepare them for what can happen during court hearings if a magistrate deals with them. An attorney on duty can then appear in court that day with the client.

The duty lawyer can speak on behalf of the person at sentencing if they plead guilty to a charge. Ultimately, the duty lawyer cannot represent clients at trial if the client decides to plead not guilty.

Often, duty lawyers only have a limited amount of time to talk to clients before the court. Our lawyer might postpone the charges so the client can schedule a longer appointment with us before the court date for legal advice. Duty lawyers may negotiate with the prosecution on behalf of their clients to have facts or charges amended, depending on the situation. 

The duty lawyer can assist a person who has particularly serious or complex charges or may have to go to a higher court if necessary with applying for a grant of aid. On the day of the court appearance, the duty lawyer will explain how to help each case proceed.

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